Kennewick Lions Need You - June Golf Tournament

Kennewick Lions Athletes Needs You!

The Kennewick Lion Athletic Budget Falls short by thousands of dollars every year.   The KSD pays for Transportation, Officials, Contracted Services (pool, bowling alleys, and golf courses) and game workers.   That means KHS Athletics has to pay for all equipment, uniforms, invites, and other miscellaneous needs.    That money then comes out of the KHS ASB Funds.   Kennewick High School has about 70% of its students on free and reduced lunch, which means they also pay a reduced amount for their ASB and User Fee. This means that Kennewick High School generates less money than the other two high schools and causes large deficits.  Coaches and players are then forced to fundraise to make up for thousands of dollars and they still come up short in many cases.

This means that we have teams at KHS that haven’t had new uniforms in years!  We have teams like the track team, that don’t have uniforms for every athlete.  We have coaches that spend their own money on shoes, meals, and other equipment for their athletes.

In spite of all this, Kennewick Teams have been competing and winning League Championships, making Playoff appearances, and we have even had kids win individual State Championships.   Imagine what these Coaches and Student Athletes could accomplish if they had the financial support they needed.  

The Student Athletes of Kennewick High School and their coaches have done an amazing job of representing their school and community and they deserve your support!  You can help by supporting the Kennewick High School Boosters Golf Tournament.

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